April 11, 2014

It's a Process...

Ombre Tulips - 23" x 29"
Thinking ahead to the upcoming Sew Solid Sunday (Apr 13), I wanted to revisit Ombre Tulips from the last edition.

You may recall that I wasn't very happy with the quilting on this little quilt when I finished it.  Several things persuaded me to go ahead and bind it and hang it up in my house.
1)  I wanted to do a hanging sleeve tutorial and this was the perfect sized quilt on which to do that;
2)  I have a blank bathroom wall that desperately needs a bit of spring;
3)  I did not want to have an almost finished quilt hanging around my sewing room taking up space and;
4)  The longer I'm a quilter and the more quilts I make, the more I realize that this is a process, not a destination.

To expand on this last point - I'm trying to improve my free motion quilting skills and just because they aren't where I'd like them to be, I have decided not to be ashamed of that.  Would I enter this quilt in a show?  Definitely not!  However, it is worthy of hanging in my house and bringing a bit of Spring to an otherwise blank wall.

I'm linking up to Amanda Jean's Finish It Up Friday - go check out all the other great finishes!

Hope to see you back here on Sunday for another Sew Solid Sunday!


  1. I think it is too cute!!! I know I am often harder on myself than anyone else. I'm sure that everyone who sees it will be impressed by the wonderful work you did on it.

  2. We are definitely tougher on ourselves! I just see a fun, modern quilt - love the pinks!

  3. It's a very bright and cheery quilt for spring. Smaller projects definitely are the perfect place to get more FMQ practice in. If only I would do the same as you and quilt up my smaller projects maybe I'd not be so hesitant to do the quilting on larger quilts.

  4. I love this quilt! Loved it when I saw it the first time and still do...FMQ...To me anyone who does it gets a huge pat on the back regardless! One thing that I swear I will learn, but can never bring myself to do more of!

  5. I am not a perfectionist at all (recovered perfectionist, yes!) and when I look at my own quilts I think imperfectly done is MUCH MUCH better than perfectly sitting undone for lack of expertise. The only way we learn is by doing. and today, as I was quilting an art quilt for submission to our guild's bi-annual quilt show this autumn, I decided that I would embrace the uneven straight line stitching and submit it anyway. Polite term is organic straight line quilting, I believe.... :)

  6. It definitely is a process, and you learn with each quilt. I really love the play of colors in this quilt!