February 18, 2014

Better late than never?

My daughter draws a lot.  And I mean a lot.  She draws a lot like I sew a lot - pretty much all the time.  She got a new tablet during the holidays because her old one wore out - not an iPad kind of tablet, the kind you draw on and the drawings go to Photoshop (or wherever you send them).

So, she asked me if I would make a sleeve for her tablet, to protect it in her purse and backpack.  I said of course and told her to pick out some fabric.  She did.  It's been sitting on my cutting table for nearly six weeks now.  I know, Mom fail.

The good news is we are going to Chicago to visit her this weekend, so the tablet sleeve is done!  I must say, she has great taste in fabric - she picked two of my favorites from Comma and Heath.  My original idea was to use the green commas for the outside and the grey Heath for the inside, but I didn't have enough Comma so I used the Heath as well and chose another fabric for the lining.  I used the same method I use when I make my sunglasses cases - I made a mini quilt the right size, then folded it and stitched in the ditch along the binding.  I added some velcro and a little pocket for the "pen" that she uses to draw.  I hope she likes it!  It will make me feel so good to know she is carrying around a little bit Mom-made goodness with her :)


  1. looks great and it's done, so don't guilt yourself!

  2. She will be very happy with this little case! I love your method...I may be making one now! However I think it will take me more than 6 weeks!

  3. Lovely - I like how you did the flap ;-)