January 14, 2014

Design evolution and revolution

Urban Trail - 86" x 90"
I'm sure you've all had quilts change from the time you first thought of them, bought some fabric or a pattern to the time you made them.  Some change more than others.  I designed what became Urban Trail back in June of 2008.

My design was clearly inspired by the work of Piet Mondrian and I intended to make it with at least semi-solid colors.  Other projects intervened and this one stayed on the back burner until later that year when I saw the Wintergraphix line by Jason Yenter.  It was love at first sight :)

I knew the fabric needed to be used in large pieces, so I ran home to see if it would work in my Mondrian style design.  I enlarged the design, bought the fabric, made the quilt and Urban Trail was born.

But I've always wanted to go back a little closer to my original thoughts and I think now is the time.  I've pulled some fabrics, done some refiguring of the sizes and I can't wait to get started!

A springier version for a class
Do you ever make the same quilt more than once because different fabrics make such different quilts?  Or are you a once is enough kind of quilter?

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  1. I've only once repeated a design in a quilt. Usually I like to try something different. I'm not averse to repeating a design if it was pleasant to make and if I find some fabric that I think would work really well. It's always interesting seeing how designs look so different when different fabric is used.